Introducing the Sure Clamp®

Sure Clamp is a new and easy way to secure your snowmobile, ATV or lawn tractor to your trailer. The Sure Clamp attaches to the front suspension, not the skis or wheels. Designed to be the strongest, fastest, most versatile tie-down system ever, Sure Clamp mounts onto the trailer by using stock clamp holes. Once in place you can tie down your snowmobile or ATV's in seconds. This system utilizes an extra heavy-duty ratchet and strap with rubber coated hooks, that are placed over the front suspension, thus causing no harm to your machine. When used properly, Sure Clamp does not loosen up, unlike conventional Ski Clamps. All it takes is a flip of a lever and Sure Clamp will release. For those of you with drive-thru trailers, check out our Quick Release Sure Clamp.

Cover Savers are Now Available

SureTrac System's Cover Saver helps eliminate hand-grips from tearing through the cover and aids in cover installation. Slip Cover Saver over existing handgrips before installing the cover, they allow the cover to slip on and off much easier and helps to increase the life of the cover especially while Trailering.

SureTrac Systems Sells Simmons Skis

Simmons' Flexi-Ski, Generation 2 & Generation 3 Skis are the finest trail skis on the market. They offer tremendous flotation in deep snow and increase your ability to side-hill.