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SureTrac Systems Sure Clamp is Your Solution!

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If your tired of smashing your knuckles with those dreaded ski bars, or getting tangled up in several tie-down straps trying to secure your ATV. Sure Clamp is Your Solution!

newFor those of you with Drive-Thru trailers, see our Quick Release Sure Clamp.

sure clamp - atv

SureClamp quickly secures your ATV or snowmobile to your trailer. Easy release for quick loading and unloading. Permanent mount or Quick Release Models are available.

Quick Release Models are designed for Drive-thru trailers or Specialized applications.  Both models are easily installed onto most trailers utilizing the existing mounting holes.

Sure Clamp mounts onto the trailer by using stock clamp holes.  Once in place you can tie down your Snowmobile/ATV's  in seconds.  This system utilizes an extra heavy-duty ratchet and strap with rubber coated hooks, that are placed over the Front Suspension, thus causing no harm to your machine.

When used properly, Sure Clamp does not loosen up, unlike conventional Ski Clamps.  All it takes is a flip of a lever and Sure Clamp releases.

Note: this product is Patent Pending.

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sure clamp
snowmobile with sure clamp
quick release
sure clamp for atvs


Easy to use!

Eliminates frozen, jammed, or
cross-threaded Ski Bar Bolts!

Stronger than Ski Bars.

Won't Damage Skis.

Cast Aluminum Construction.

High Strength Zinc-Plated Ratchet.

High Strength Polyester Straps.

Rubber Coated Hooks.

Quick Mount Unit easily Pad-Locked
for added Security.

Powder Coated.

Additional Base Plates.
(for use with Quick Mount Models)

Straps available in any length for any custom situation.
Easily used for Tractors, Lawn mowers, etc.

Retriever Straps available.
(Easily used with SureClamp to Load Disabled Machine)

sure clamp for snowmobiles

newFor those of you with Drive-Thru trailers, our Quick Release Sure Clamp is Now Available.

Click Here for Pricing and to Purchase the Permanent Mount Sure Clamp.

Get Ready for the Upcoming Season!! Click Here to Order Today!

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