Flexi-Ski Gen 3 by Simmons

* 8 inches wide
* Sports car handling
* Shorter outer keel
* New skag design

The Flexi-Ski has always offered unparalleled control, floatation and stability. Now the Gen III offers even more control. Simmons took all the knowledge & experience of the original and Gen II flexi-skis, and created the next generation, the Gen III ski. It's the best of both worlds.

At 8 inches wide, the Gen III offers sports car handling. Simmons modified the dual keel/concave design by placing the keels closer together. The outer keel is shorter than the inner keel, which increases overall ski performance. Turning is sharper than ever. Simmons has also introduced a new skag design. Combined with the new ski design Simmons was able to place the cutting carbide under the spindle to aid in turning.

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Available in Black or with Colored Loops:

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